Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Humidor - some interesting facts

“Humidor for men – it is the same as jewel case for women”

Humidor – it is a case, which is provided with special air moisture control system. The cigars can’t remain fresh long time without certain conditions.

The cigarettes which are kept outside of humidor can lose forever their proprieties after 3 days of keeping in non-special place.

Tobacco is receptive to foreign smells – that is one more reason to keep cigars in humidor. The humidor will save the cigars’ humidity also. As you know the dried-up cigars lose the taste and aroma.

First thing that you need, if the smoke of cigars for you aren’t a curiosity – it is the humidor.

Inside, the humidor is made of high-quality cedar tree.

Cedar influence positively the taste and aroma of cigars, absorbs redundant of moisture and emit it when inside of humidor becomes too dry.

The humidor set includes moisten device and hydrometer. It is necessary preliminary, to free them up from the package and to attach them on the back part of humidor’s cover.

It is necessary to place the humidifier on the inner wall of humidor.

Humidifier device is a special ceramic composition, which is placed in a plastic case – it absorbs easily the water and returns the water slowly. You should add the water not more than once a month.


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