Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turbo Bright LED Lighter

Turbo lighter with Carbine "True Utility"

Managed are sustainable flame lighters to the wind. Lighter filled gas.

True Utility-best mark of the British quality handheld tools, accessories, lamps, which are distinguished by unusual design and ease of use.

True Utility Products embodied the latest trends in the world market, beginning with the wind-resistant lighters and finishing above the bright LED lamps.

True Utility is always many functionally, compact, convenient and truly useful.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ashtray - Dalvey ashtray

Pocket Ashtray of Dalvey

Pocket Ashtray Dalvey allows smoker with a taste awkward and difficult to avoid potential regulations at public events.

Pocket Ashtray Dalvey equipped with a lid that opens when you press the button.
Backing, to the effects of sustained smoldering ashes, operates as seals and forms after the closure of ashtrays impermeable container for the ashes.

Ashtray for cigarettes decorated with gilded brass logo, backing, to the effects of sustained smoldering ashes, swiveling lid with a button.

Not darkling time brass box can be removed to facilitate cleaning.

Diameter: 49 mm (2) Weight: 74 g.