Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kent Nanotek Neo

Cigarettes and nanotechnology

I have written a note about cigarettes in the last post. Now, I decided to tell you about cigarettes, that I smoke.

These cigarettes are "Kent Nanotek Neo". They are similar to "Kent Silver Neo 4" cigarettes, but in fine execution.
More than that, these cigarettes are for men and as a result nobody will reproach you that you smoke cigarettes for women.

They smoke lights such as "4", but nicotine in theirs is the same.

Also, I have posted some photos with this brand of cigarettes, here:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turbo Bright LED Lighter

Turbo lighter with Carbine "True Utility"

Managed are sustainable flame lighters to the wind. Lighter filled gas.

True Utility-best mark of the British quality handheld tools, accessories, lamps, which are distinguished by unusual design and ease of use.

True Utility Products embodied the latest trends in the world market, beginning with the wind-resistant lighters and finishing above the bright LED lamps.

True Utility is always many functionally, compact, convenient and truly useful.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ashtray - Dalvey ashtray

Pocket Ashtray of Dalvey

Pocket Ashtray Dalvey allows smoker with a taste awkward and difficult to avoid potential regulations at public events.

Pocket Ashtray Dalvey equipped with a lid that opens when you press the button.
Backing, to the effects of sustained smoldering ashes, operates as seals and forms after the closure of ashtrays impermeable container for the ashes.

Ashtray for cigarettes decorated with gilded brass logo, backing, to the effects of sustained smoldering ashes, swiveling lid with a button.

Not darkling time brass box can be removed to facilitate cleaning.

Diameter: 49 mm (2) Weight: 74 g.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Salt glazed Dandy Vase

Ashtray "Dandy"

For those who prefer the entire most fashionable, "Dandy" cigarette will be a pleasant and rewarding surprise.

Stylish and strict in form, she has a very vivid detail is mixed strip center. This makes it really original gift for the present week.

The original gift is ashtray "Dandy" easy to use.

Simply click on a special pointer at the top of ashtrays for cigarettes, and all the ash trays fall inwards, and its surface will be clean again.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

$1.00, Wonka BIC Lighters

Have you fire?

In the West, anti-smoking beats and lighter producers, we have the same demand for modern burial growing as a lot.

Lighter works on the same principle: metal wheel to strike of silicon spark that burns liquid butane. However, the external design simplicity as lighters varies. The first sign of reliable lighters, it is wheel power to regulate the flame.

European manufacturers set by the flames at the plant and prevented the user to change the "set up". And not in vain: embedded controller flame from the frequent use mixed quickly. This leads to a gas leak, fire arbitrary, and sometimes exploding lighters.

Also when buying lighters are drawing attention to the wheel if it is difficult pipes, lighter take is not: the idea three lights up wheel will come, and then not go down.

Alternative Silicon lighters- are appliance piezoelectric element. They set fire to gas by electric sparks. The main plus of such products - fire can ignite a single click. They have to save for ideas - now do not need to break manicure on the wheel.

But squeak season-smart turbo lighters for cigarettes. This gas is not through the normal valve, through a small hole.

In this gas velocity increases significantly, it is mixed with air faster and much better lit. Above the diaphragm such lighters sometimes set metal spiral. It is heated and does not douse the flames, even with a strong wind.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Filter Cigarette Holders

What choose as a gift?

In fact, the varieties of watches more, the very different purpose and different types, and as a gift they can be a source of inexhaustible imagination. Just imagine that today assortment hours thousands of models. And worldwide, by the way, it has been recognized that no expensive gifts and prestigious than this Swiss watches.

However, properly selected watches Japanese or Russian surprises people no less.

Also, remember that the clock is expensive and honorary gift from the Heads of State, a gift that can go on inheritance and fine Jewelry expensive watches as a gift-even dream of every woman. If a background in history, we find that only a few centuries ago clock and cigarettes accessories considered one of the most expensive and valuable gifts.

Privileges deliver and receive clock as a gift to have rich and influential people. Emperors various States during official visits or diplomatic negotiations, often presented each other as a gift to the memorable hours engraving made the best masters of time.

And before the clock was invented mechanical, regal person to send each other as a gift or astronomical water clock. It is these hours in 1232 sent as a gift German Emperor Frederick the second Egyptian Sultan.

The mechanism shown not only time but also of the sun and moon. First same watches, for example, were manufactured in the 19 century to Eugene Bogarne-nephew of Emperor Napoleon. And in 1899, the last Russian ruler Nicholas second made his wife a gift, which is to say still- watches-eggs Fabergé.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

20 Tobacco Lighter Set

Stylish lighter for Agent 007

If you are fond of little electronic spy devices, like James Bond had, this digital microcam JB1, hidden in lighter, will please you.

It performs seven functions: common photocam, videocam, web-cam, dictaphone, filing, quick shot, and, of course, observation function.

In this regime, the cam makes pictures during certain period of time.

The only one problem that may occur is that there is no real lighter for cigarettes in this device

Monday, August 13, 2007 - cheapest cigarettes

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Collector Accessories

Accessories for cigarettes

MCM Company is a world-famous producer of fashionable goods from leather and fabric, accessories for cigarettes.

MCM emblem is letters twined round with laurel and ribbon. During 25 years this emblem decorates MCM’s products.

MCM accessories are remarkable for the modern design and practicality. MCM is a symbol of unique style!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cigarette Saver

Prince Lighters

Being a classical, the design is combined with the latest Japanese technologies of work and with durability of gas engine.

Prince CG lighters for cigars – special pre-lighting mechanism allows using the lighter without any damage to cigar’s quality.

Prince CG is supplied with collapsible guillotine for cigars’ cutting.

Prince Pipette Lighters for pipes – the form of lighter’s nozzle is made for maximum comfort and safety in the process of pipe’s smoking.

Flinty Prince Lighter has an open flame. Color- “yellow lacquer”. The lighter is very original. It’s created to stylish successful cigarette-lovers.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Cigarettes Lighters for Auto

Pocket ashtray

There are more smokers in the city than refuse bins and street-ashtrays. And it’s not right to throw cigarette stub on the ground.
This pocket ashtray may be brought everywhere.

You can keep it straight in the cigarette pack.
The ashtray is made of aluminum and fireproof plastic. It can contain 2-3 stubs, it doesn’t smell. Great device for environment protection!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gift Set

Table cigarette-case with ashtray and section for lighter

The elegant accessory of interior, which antiquates your cabinet and makes it look more prestigious.

It’s a very convenient thing because three basic sections are combined in it: a cigarette case where you can put your cigarettes in order not to put them from the carton every time you want to smoke.

Also, you can shake off ash to the embedded ashtray and use your lighter which will be always close at your hands.

Really great accessory for the smoker!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cigarette Case Picture Frame Collection

"The Sea" collection

Cartier House presented the new line of its cult watch Pasha, which have been produced since 1917.

Nowadays Cartier offers its admirer "The Sea" collection of men’s watch and accessories – Pasha Seatimer, the collection of high society watch for walks during the sail.

In addition to the collection, Cartier House presents the original accessories Pasha de Cartier. Power, energy and restraint.

USB trimmed with palladium, cuff links from sterling silver with brown onyx of cabochon faceting, cigarette-case from stainless still, money clip with palladium trim, lighter from black composite with platinum trim, a pen and a whisky flask.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cigarette and Lighter Combination Case

The ashtray with initials of the owner!!

I think that it’s a great thing for every aesthete smoker!

The elegance of forms and irreproachable style won’t be disregard! Ashtray is made from wood, glass and covered with lacquer.

Size: 17x17 cm

The ashtray may be decorated with dedicatory inscription or initials of the owner.

Coffee and cigarettes in the ring


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