Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have you fire?

In the West, anti-smoking beats and lighter producers, we have the same demand for modern burial growing as a lot.

Lighter works on the same principle: metal wheel to strike of silicon spark that burns liquid butane. However, the external design simplicity as lighters varies. The first sign of reliable lighters, it is wheel power to regulate the flame.

European manufacturers set by the flames at the plant and prevented the user to change the "set up". And not in vain: embedded controller flame from the frequent use mixed quickly. This leads to a gas leak, fire arbitrary, and sometimes exploding lighters.

Also when buying lighters are drawing attention to the wheel if it is difficult pipes, lighter take is not: the idea three lights up wheel will come, and then not go down.

Alternative Silicon lighters- are appliance piezoelectric element. They set fire to gas by electric sparks. The main plus of such products - fire can ignite a single click. They have to save for ideas - now do not need to break manicure on the wheel.

But squeak season-smart turbo lighters for cigarettes. This gas is not through the normal valve, through a small hole.

In this gas velocity increases significantly, it is mixed with air faster and much better lit. Above the diaphragm such lighters sometimes set metal spiral. It is heated and does not douse the flames, even with a strong wind.

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