Saturday, June 30, 2007

Collector Accessories

Accessories for cigarettes

MCM Company is a world-famous producer of fashionable goods from leather and fabric, accessories for cigarettes.

MCM emblem is letters twined round with laurel and ribbon. During 25 years this emblem decorates MCM’s products.

MCM accessories are remarkable for the modern design and practicality. MCM is a symbol of unique style!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cigarette Saver

Prince Lighters

Being a classical, the design is combined with the latest Japanese technologies of work and with durability of gas engine.

Prince CG lighters for cigars – special pre-lighting mechanism allows using the lighter without any damage to cigar’s quality.

Prince CG is supplied with collapsible guillotine for cigars’ cutting.

Prince Pipette Lighters for pipes – the form of lighter’s nozzle is made for maximum comfort and safety in the process of pipe’s smoking.

Flinty Prince Lighter has an open flame. Color- “yellow lacquer”. The lighter is very original. It’s created to stylish successful cigarette-lovers.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Cigarettes Lighters for Auto

Pocket ashtray

There are more smokers in the city than refuse bins and street-ashtrays. And it’s not right to throw cigarette stub on the ground.
This pocket ashtray may be brought everywhere.

You can keep it straight in the cigarette pack.
The ashtray is made of aluminum and fireproof plastic. It can contain 2-3 stubs, it doesn’t smell. Great device for environment protection!