Friday, May 18, 2007

Gift Set

Table cigarette-case with ashtray and section for lighter

The elegant accessory of interior, which antiquates your cabinet and makes it look more prestigious.

It’s a very convenient thing because three basic sections are combined in it: a cigarette case where you can put your cigarettes in order not to put them from the carton every time you want to smoke.

Also, you can shake off ash to the embedded ashtray and use your lighter which will be always close at your hands.

Really great accessory for the smoker!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cigarette Case Picture Frame Collection

"The Sea" collection

Cartier House presented the new line of its cult watch Pasha, which have been produced since 1917.

Nowadays Cartier offers its admirer "The Sea" collection of men’s watch and accessories – Pasha Seatimer, the collection of high society watch for walks during the sail.

In addition to the collection, Cartier House presents the original accessories Pasha de Cartier. Power, energy and restraint.

USB trimmed with palladium, cuff links from sterling silver with brown onyx of cabochon faceting, cigarette-case from stainless still, money clip with palladium trim, lighter from black composite with platinum trim, a pen and a whisky flask.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cigarette and Lighter Combination Case

The ashtray with initials of the owner!!

I think that it’s a great thing for every aesthete smoker!

The elegance of forms and irreproachable style won’t be disregard! Ashtray is made from wood, glass and covered with lacquer.

Size: 17x17 cm

The ashtray may be decorated with dedicatory inscription or initials of the owner.

Coffee and cigarettes in the ring


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