Friday, April 25, 2008

Classics Colibri Lighter

Colibri lighters

Lighters are the most important smoking accessories for smokers. In this case, they should select cigarettes accessories with more attention.

I can recommend a good lighter- there is a Colibri lighter. You will feel in secure and confidence when you will use this kind of lighter. This lighter creates a sense of fashion and style and enhance your smoking experience.

The first Colibri lighters were produced in 1928 by Julius Lowenthal. During of many years, company have changed design and style of it lighters and in result Colibri lighters stands a luxury lighter that are bought by sophisticated people.

In 1955 the first gas Colibri lighter was produced in France. In general, Colibri lighters are widespread for existence of butane lighters.
Colibri lighters are classified in:

1. Colibri Original
2. Colibri Monogas
3. Piezo Electric lighter
4. Colibri Supertronic
5. Colibri Sensatron
6. Colibri Lasatron
7. Colibri Talon Lighter