Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Handy Trends Smokeless Ashtray

As we know, a lot of people are concerned in their help, that’s why some of them are very frustrated if somebody smoking near them.

The Handy Trends Smokeless Ashtray was produced in this sense. It is very important to keep this device in your home, because it has characteristic to protect us at secondhand smoking. It means that the astray keep inside the smoking at cigarettes.

I have been using the Handy Trends Smokeless ashtray in my bedroom where I smoke usual. In result, I discovered that the smoking is reduced in this room.

So, I make some investigations and now I know how this device works.

The Handy Trends Smokeless Ashtray contains an activated charcoal filter, powered by 2 CC batteries. Exactly this battery makes that the cigarette or cigar smoking will stay inside. You can install easily this 2 batteries simply remove the top of the ashtray and install them.

This device is perfect for home parties and poker night, when in your house are lots of smokers.
You should simply keep the ashtray on a table, near where people smoking and it will do its work.

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